Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex)

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As a woman’s herb, Chaste Tree is exceptional.  Modern research has found it to have a powerful effect on pituitary function and low progesterone levels.   It has been used for menstrual irregularities, painful menstruation and breasts, premenstrual syndrome and fertility enhancement.

In Germany it is commonly used for irregular periods that often occur after the use of the birth control pill. In small doses it aides in bringing down breast milk and in large doses it can be used to dry up milk supply. It is also believed to aid in the hormonal imbalances that occur with menopause, specifically for hot flashes.

In Chinese medicine it has been used for the aches and pains of the cold and flu.   Its spicy nature seems to get things moving. It has also been used for gas pains and digestive issues due to its peppery nature.

As a woman’s herb it is best to use it a concentrate form,  liquid extract or a full spectrum standardized extract in a capsule. Follow the directions of your health care practitioner as far as specifics with dosage.

For women’s issues, I have found that Chaste Tree is best when used in conjunction with other herbs. A balancing combination for PMS and irregular menstruation is Chaste Tree with Dong Quai, a Chinese herb used to nourish the blood.  It also works well with evening Primrose oil  when used for hormonal balance and painful menstruation. For menopausal issues it combines well with Black Cohosh and Alfalfa which are both used for menopausal balance, aiding in decreasing hot flashes, emotional imbalances and irregular menstrual cycle.

Due to the hormonal effects of this herb it should not be used with hormone therapies such as oral contraceptives. It also should not be used with medications that activate dopamine or Parkinson’s medications. Chaste Tree activates these receptors as well and can interfere with these therapies. Always check with your health care provider before adding anything new.

Chaste Tree is an herb with a long history of use. Originally the branches of the plant were worn ceremonially to encourage chastity. It was originally known as Monks Pepper and the monks would consume this herb to reduce sexual desire (there is little evidence of this function today).

Chaste Tree Berry
Vitex Agnus- Castus
Energetics; bitter, spicy, cool

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