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Rhodiola is a wonderful balancing herb that can make us more physiologically resilient. It falls within the category of adaptogens, which means it can help the body better adapt to stress, as it helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. It also helps aid in the reduction of weight on the trunk of the body. It is a key herbal for our stressed-out, overworked lifestyles.
I take it myself for adrenal support due to the busy life I lead. Stress can tax the adrenals (the gland that aids in our energy production and our ability to carry our workload). I have also used it clinically for mental emotional health, long term sleep disorders and cardiovascular support especially those who are chronically stressed.

Rhodiola is a very safe herb that has been used extensively in Iceland, Sweden, France, Russia and Greece throughout history with no real side effects. If you are particularly exhausted, you may initially feel sleepy with this herb, so it is best to take it at night. However, in time it will provide you energy and balance. As always, check with your doctor or health care practitioner when adding anything new.

When purchasing Rhodiola look for Rhodiola Rosea and look for a full spectrum product that lists the rosavins. The rosavins are the active constituent of the herb that have been found to be the most helpful. This herb can be taken long term. It would be best to follow the recommended dose on label.

Latin name:  Rhodiola Rosea
Common name:  Roseroot
Energetics:  Sweet, sour, bitter and warm

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