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lavender flowers

lavender flowers

Many of us are familiar with essential oils. They are the volatile substances of plants that are used topically to help promote physical and psychological well-being.

Lavender essential oil is known for its calming and stress relieving benefits. I always have this oil handy at my office to help calm and soothe after a hard day. It is also a wonderful oil to use topically for pain, especially headaches and cramps (both menstrual, muscle and abdominal). I use it for itchy bug bites and blemishes, as it is both soothing and healing to the skin. At night a couple of drops on your pillow will help you sleep like a baby.

Did you know that lavender flowers can make a delicious tea? They make a wonderful floral tea and a delicious and beautiful addition to a salad. Traditionally they were used internally to calm the nervous system and lift the spirits, and they are a delightful aid to calm the digestive system and reduce gas pains.

One research group studying the biological activity of this plant found it increases the speed and accuracy of mathematical calculations in subjects using lavender. 

Suggested use
The essential oil can be used directly on the skin for most people but for those who are more sensitive it can be diluted in a massage oil or lotion. When making a tea, use one teaspoon of lavender flowers infused in one cup of tea for 10 minutes. An infusion involves pouring a cup of boiling water into your cup then adding the herb. As an addition to a salad a teaspoon of fresh flowers is best per serving.

Lavender is very easy to grow in warm climates and requires very little care. Grow it in your garden and you will have an endless source of relaxation. Also, it is a nice addition to desserts like shortbread cookies or sprinkled over vanilla ice cream.

Common combinations
Lavender has traditionally been used with chamomile, American skullcap, and wild oats as a relaxing herbal tea. My favorite aromatherapy combo is lavender and tangerine essential oils to calm and uplift the mood.

Side effects
Lavender is a very safe herbal but use caution with the essential oil topically if you have sensitive skin. Do not use the essential oil internally without the aide of an aromatherapist. If you are using other relaxants plus lavender you may get very relaxed so be careful when driving etc.

Botanical name: Lavendula Angustifolia
Energetics: spicy, aromatic, bitter and cool

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