Lavender Oil

Posted By on June 26, 2012

The essential oil of Lavender is one of the most well known oils and is considered a “universal oil”.   Traditionally, it has been used to balance the body.   There are several well known uses, such as stress relief, insomnia and anxiety.   I personally love to put a few drops of lavender in my diffuser at night when I am sleeping… it is a wonderful sleep aid, and I just love the smell.

Lavender is also a great oil for burns of any kind.   I have used it for sunburns and scald burns and found it’s healing abilities to be amazing.  It can also be used on any skin irritations, bee stings, allergic reactions, and hives.  I use it full strength on the skin, but it can be diluted with a carrier oil for sensitive skin.

If you love the smell of lavender flowers, you may want to experiment with this wonderful oil.   It is my favorite of all the oils and you might just love it as well.

I like to use doTerra certified pure essential oils.   For more information on these oils go to the following links…

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