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Arnica is one of my favorite homeopathic remedies.   It is the first remedy I think of when I have had any kind of injury or trauma to my body.  If taken immediately, it can stop most of the symptoms of bruising, swelling and tenderness and it  can also treat the mental feelings of being traumatized.

It is usually used after any kind of sports injury, surgery or dental work.   It is also a great remedy to give before and after childbirth to the mother and also to the baby.

I have used it after being in a car accident and it took the feeling of shock away, not to mention the physical trauma.  If one has had a head injury, start with arnica then move to natrum sulph, which is a great remedy to help with the symptoms associated with any kind of trauma to the head.

I have also used arnica after a sprained ankle.   I took a dose every 15 minutes and within the 4th or 5th dose the symptoms were gone.  You need to start using it immediately to get results that fast though.

If you are wondering what potency to use, there are several that would work.   I like to use 30c, but if all you can find is 30x, then use it.   It will probably work.   Sometimes, one has to go with a higher potency such as a 200c, but usually you don’t need that unless you are treating an old injury.  Some health food stores now carry 200c potency remedies.

I think everyone should have this remedy in their first aid kit.  Personally, I wouldn’t be without it.



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