Basic Oil Trio

Posted By on May 5, 2012

If you have been thinking about trying essential oils and don’t know where to start, you might want to try the basic oil trio.

The first oil is Lavender…    This oil is great for using in a diffuser, applied on the skin, in a bath or mixed with massage oil.   It’s properties include relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia.   It can also take the pain out of bee stings, hives and other allergic skin reactions.   It’s well known for healing all kinds of burns.

The second oil is Lemon…   Known for mood elevation, cleansing and and general cleaning.  It can be used in a diffuser or taken with water or in a capsule.  It has been found to elevate the mood and help reduce stress and fatigue.

The next oil is Peppermint… Used for indigestion and cooling.  Applied on the temples, forehead or back of neck, it can relieve headaches, and has the ability to calm an upset stomach.  It can be taken in a capsule or applied on the tummy and can be diffused or inhaled.   It has also been used to increase energy.    If misted on the body, or applied on forehead, it can have a cooling effect.

Follow this link to a list of 101 uses for the basic oil trio kit…

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