How Q96 came to be

Posted By on November 12, 2015

When Tony Stephan saw his family torn apart due to severe struggles with mood disorders, including the tragic suicide of his wife, he was desperate to help heal his family. Tony began searching for medical answers when two of his children, Autumn and Joseph, were diagnosed with the same mood disorder that had plagued his wife.

Tony met with physicians and therapists, and pursued numerous treatments and medications for his children, but Autumn and Joseph continued to suffer. Ultimately his journey led him to the discovery of micro-nutrients. Working with scientists and experts, Tony created a nutritional formula and began giving it to his children. The results were nothing short of a miracle: their symptoms waned, they became stable, and with time, the family regained peace.

Passionate to see the product help others, Tony went on to persist in bringing it to the greater market, and EMPowerplus was born. Today, Tony and Q Sciences continue to produce the formula and restore quality of life for countless people worldwide.

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