Hawthorn Berries

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Hawthorn berries have long been used in Europe and China. At one time the tree was regarded as sacred and was given to a couple on their wedding day as a symbol of their love and heartfelt connection, as it is an herb that resonates with the heart on a physical and emotional level. In Germany it is one of the most popular herbs for declining heart function. It has been used for all types of cardiovascular disorders including high blood pressure, palpitations, congestive heart failure, circulatory diseases and cholesterol.

Hawthorn berries

Hawthorn berries

Some medical doctors combine it with conventional medications to increase their effectiveness. I have had incredible results using it clinically for palpitations in conjunction with a doctor’s supervision. It is also a wonderful herb for the highly stressed individual who can not calm down and who is running the risk of potential cardiovascular problems.

In China you find it in candy that is known to aid in fat digestion and cholesterol management. Because it is high in a group of nutrients called flavonoids it also has an antioxidant effect and a positive circulatory effect improving the blood flow and reducing varicose veins. I would recommend it to anyone with cardiovascular disease and to those who are at high risk for cardiovascular disease.

Most studies on Hawthorn have been conducted using the extract. It is best to use an extract that uses the leaf, berry and flower, as all are known to contain different constituents that aid in optimal cardiovascular function. Once you get the extract follow the recommendation for use. I always take a little extra after a fatty meal to enhance fat digestion. Be sure to check with your medical doctor to discuss the addition of Hawthorn to your regime.

Hawthorn works well with Motherwort, a combination used traditionally for palpitations. It also can be found as part of antioxidant formulas with vitamin C and E, Bilberry and Green Tea to name a few. It is good in combination with Horse chestnut to improve circulation and reduce varicose veins. As a tea with Chamomile, Lavender, Nettles and Hawthorn it is relaxing and calming.

Generally Hawthorn is considered a safe herb but consult with your healthcare provider before taking it with other medications

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Latin Name: Crataegus Monogyna
Parts used: Berry, Leaf and Flower
Energetics: sour, sweet, warm

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