How Q96 came to be

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When Tony Stephan saw his family torn apart due to severe struggles with mood disorders, including the tragic suicide of his wife, he was desperate to help heal his family. Tony began searching for medical answers when two of his children, Autumn and Joseph, were diagnosed with the same mood disorder that had plagued his wife.

Tony met with physicians and therapists, and pursued numerous treatments and medications for his children, but Autumn and Joseph continued to suffer. Ultimately his journey led him to the discovery of micro-nutrients. Working with scientists and experts, Tony created a nutritional formula and began giving it to his children. The results were nothing short of a miracle: their symptoms waned, they became stable, and with time, the family regained peace.

Passionate to see the product help others, Tony went on to persist in bringing it to the greater market, and EMPowerplus was born. Today, Tony and Q Sciences continue to produce the formula and restore quality of life for countless people worldwide.

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Check out Thermography for breast cancer awareness month

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Digital Infrared Imaging also called Thermography is a much safer and accurate option than mammography in detecting cancerous or even precancerous beast lesions.  There is information and literature available online or through your health care practitioner that will explain the benefits of digital imaging (thermography) over the traditional outdated mammogram.

We are subjected more now than ever to the effects of environmental radiation and the effect of this is cumulative in our sensitive tissues.  There is a copious amount of literature, and discussions going on right now in the medical community about the inherent dangers of X-rays. Each new dose adds risk because a single x-ray photon, acting alone is capable of causing irreparable damage to DNA and chromosomes, including carcinogenic mutations (Gofman 1990, Chapters 8-21: NRPB 1995, pp 58-75).

Difficulties in reading mammograms can occur in women who are on hormone replacement, nursing or have fibrocystic, large or dense, or enhanced breasts.(6,8).  These types of breast differences do not cause difficulties in reading digital infrared scans. In fact, Thermal Imaging can detect suspicious health issues and critical tissue change 8 to 10 years before detectable with a mammogram. (more…)

How Q96 improved brain function

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Dr. Bill Moshofsky, MD. Qsciences

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The Tony Stephan Interview w/ Jane

Q Story – Paige Clayburn

20 years of Q96

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Cellerciser Introduction

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Reiki for Animals

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Have you heard of Reiki for Animals?  You might be wondering why would you want to get Reiki for your pet?   It just so happens there are Reiki practitioners who specialize in this ancient healing method, and if your furry friend is feeling stressed or needs some help with healing a physical ailment you just might want to try this.

Reiki is a form of healing energy work where Practitioners tap into a universal healing energy.  Treatments can be hands on or long distance and have been found to be calming to the animal.   It can also help to speed up healing from various injuries to the body, and even help with healing of surgical procedures.  It can also help calm an animal that is getting ready to pass over.

Sometimes the Reiki practitioner finds that the treatment would also help the animal’s owner and includes them in the session.

Reiki can also be used just for maintaining health and can be comforting to animals that easily get stressed.  If you would like to try this ancient form of healing with your pet, go to to set up a session.




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Arnica is one of my favorite homeopathic remedies.   It is the first remedy I think of when I have had any kind of injury or trauma to my body.  If taken immediately, it can stop most of the symptoms of bruising, swelling and tenderness and it  can also treat the mental feelings of being traumatized.

It is usually used after any kind of sports injury, surgery or dental work.   It is also a great remedy to give before and after childbirth to the mother and also to the baby.

I have used it after being in a car accident and it took the feeling of shock away, not to mention the physical trauma.  If one has had a head injury, start with arnica then move to natrum sulph, which is a great remedy to help with the symptoms associated with any kind of trauma to the head. (more…)

Learn homeopathy

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Over the years I have taken many classes from Shelly and Willow at “Learn Homeopathy Now” and have been certified as a homeopathic practitioner.

I am happy to report that they now have all their classes on DVD along with very well organized books that will help anyone learn homeopathy.   This is well worth it.   I have recently received some of the materials and am very impressed with the way they are put together.

If you or anyone you know is interested in any of their materials or homeopathic kits, you can get a 10% discount on your order just by clicking on the link below.   Just make sure you order while you are clicked in through this link.


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